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On Friday September 8, 2017, a group of community activists and leaders organized by Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez, PA State Legislator Angel Cruz and PA State Legislator Emilio Vasquez met to develop a concerted, grassroots effort to support the Island of Puerto Rico’s immediate needs. The committee pledged to operate in a unified, transparent manner and focus on inclusivity. As a result the Unidos Pa’ PR (UPPR) committee was formed. Unidos Pa’ PR agreed to work with the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA), the state of Pennsylvania and other partners throughout the Delaware Valley to build support and manage resources in the interest of stabilization to improve the quality of life for our friends and families in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico continues to be a major purchaser of Pennsylvania agriculture and other goods, which we will leverage. Concilio has agreed to be the financial conduit. They have guaranteed that 100% of the funds collected by Unidos Pa’ PR will be allocated for purposes and organizations set by the General Committee.

Working Committees

Co-Chairs – Responsible for providing leadership and vision for the execution of the purpose.

General Committee – Open to all individuals committed to supporting the above purpose.

Advisory Committee – High Level Government, Community Based and Private Sector Leaders performing the necessary due diligence to insure the funds are spent appropriately; Responsible for identifying critical-need locations and services, researching solutions and opportunities to directly impact the lives of Puerto Ricans, and coordinating with all local, state and island government and agencies; Will make recommendations to the General Committee for distribution.

Operation Committee – Responsible for developing an infrastructure to support the collection and dissemination of funds. Provide systems of transparency and accountability.

Media Relations Committee – Responsible for developing messaging, media advisories, press releases and provide talking points; Special focus on developing relationships with local and national media.

Social Media Committee – Responsible for managing the organization’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and the organization’s website.

Volunteer Committee – Responsible for recruitment, engagement, tracking, training distribution and maintenance of all volunteers; will manage the email volunteers4unidospapr@gmail.com.

To donate please visit Concilio’s website at www.elconcilio/donate. For more Information or to volunteer please email unidospapr@gmail.com

Ways in which an individual can donate to help the relief efforts for Puerto Rico using Unidos Pa’PR.

Online​: El​ ​Concilio​ ​a 501 C3 organization tax deductible donation. www.elconcilio.net/donate

Facebook​ ​@UnidosPaPR Click on “Donate​” it will take you to our donation page.

Mobile​ ​phone: Text to: 1-833-215-7277 Text “Donate​”

In​ ​Person: Check​ ​Donations​: (can be taken to El Concilio) 141 East Hunting Park Avenue Philadelphia 19124

Cash Donations: Buckets locations

  • The Lighthouse Inc. 152 W. Lehigh Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19133
  • 141 Somerset St. Philadelphia, PA 19133
  • Taller Puertorriqueno 2600 North 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Note​: If you are a partner organization, please consider connecting our link on your website www.elconcilio.net/donate


Leaders call for “Unidos Pa’ PR” to support the island of Puerto Rico

Philadelphia, PA,  September 8, 2017-On Friday September 8, 2017 a group of community activists and leaders met.  This group was organized by Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez and Pa State Legislator Angel Cruz and PA State Legislator Emilio Vasquez.  The goal of the meeting was to develop a grassroots concerted effort to support the Island of Puerto Rico’s immediate needs, following the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  Monetary resources are immediately needed to support over 1,000,000 American citizens with no electricity and many without access to clean water. Although the hurricane was not a direct hit, the current economic issues and deteriorated infrastructure, along with the damage created by the intense winds and rain, has intensified the need to respond to the significant needs of the island residents.

The committee has agreed to work with PRFAA, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, and available resources from the state of Pennsylvania and the Delaware Valley in support of the stabilization of quality of life in Puerto Rico.

A press conference is scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2017, at the SugarHouse Casino, 1001 N Delaware Ave, beginning at 5:30 pm, just before Concilio’s  56th Puerto Rico Festival Gala.  Organizers are calling for Unity for Puerto Rico and have named the organization “Unidos PA’ PR”.  The Concilio has agreed to be the fiscal agent of record, guaranteeing that 100% of donations will be used for direct services.  Financial donations can be dropped off directly at Concilio Offices, located at 141 E. Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia PA.  19124 or on payments will be accepted thru their website-www.elconcilio.net/donate.

The next meeting of the committee will take place at the Concilio offices on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm.

For more information, to join or to support Unidos PA’ PR Committee, please feel free to contact Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez office at (215) 686-3448 or State Representative Angel Cruz at (215) 289-5643.

For Media Inquiries please contact Amaris Hernandez-Padgett at (215) 519-5886 or by email at unidospapr@gmail.com.


Para Publicación Inmediata

Líderes piden “Unidos Pa’ PR”-Para Apoyar la Isla de Puerto Rico

Filadelfia, PA,  el dia 8 de septiembre, 2017-El pasado  viernes 8 de septiembre del 2017, un grupo de líderes y activistas de la comunidad estuvieron reunidos.  El grupo estuvo organizado por la consejal de Filadelfia María Quiñones Sanchez y los representates estatales Angel Cruz y Emilio Vasquez.  El propósito de la reunion fue desarrollar un esfuerzo conjunto en apoyo a las nececidades inmediatas de la isla de Puerto Rico, luego del efecto del huracán Irma.

Se necesitan recursos monetarios immediatos para ayudar a los más de un millon de ciudanos americanos que no tienen electricidad y los miles que no cuentan con agua potable.  Aunque el huracán no entró a la isla directamente, la corriente situación económica y el estado de deterioro de la infraestructura, junto con el daño causado por la intendsidad de los vientos y la lluvia, aumenta la necesidad de una respuesta a las necesidades significativas de los residents de la isla.  El comité ha acordado trabajar con PRFAA y recursos estatales disponibles en Pennsylvania y el valle Delaware que apoyen la estabilización de la calidad de vida en Puerto Rico.

Una conferencia de prensa ha sido programada para el sábado, 9 de septiembre del 2017 en el SugarHouse Casino localizado en 1001 N Delaware Ave., comenzando a las 5:30 pm, inmediante antes de la Gala del Festival Puertorriqueño número 56 del Concilio.

Los organizadores han llamado esta organización “Unidos Pa PR”.  El Concilio ha aceptado ser el agente fiscal, garantizando que 100% de los donativos apoyen etos servicios necesarios. Los donativos pueden ser llevados a la oficina del Concilio, localizado en 141 E. Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA. 19140 ó através de su website-www.elconcilio.net/donations.

La próxima reunión del comité se llevará a cabo en las oficinas del Concilio el lunes, once de septiembre del 2017, a las 5:30 pm.

Para mas informacion, para unirse, o para apoyar Unidos Pa PR, por favor comuníquese con la consejal María Quiñones-Sanchez al 215 686-3448 o a la oficina de representante estatal Angel Cruz al 215-289-5643.

Para preguntas de la prensa comunicarse con Amaris Hernandez Padgett 215 519-5886 o correo electrónico unidospapr@gmail.com.


Current Organizations Represented

Oranizaciones representads


Office of Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sanchez

Office of State Representative Angel Cruz

Office of State Representative Emilio Vasquez

Salvation Army

City of Philadelphia, Office of Immigrant Affairs


Office of Lieutenant Governor Michael Stack

Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs

Calvary Vision Church

Hispanic Community Counseling Services

Taller Puertorriqueño

Keystone First, Pennsylvania

The Lighthouse Inc.,

National Conference of Puerto Rican Women



Philadelphia Prevention Partnership

Office of Congressman Robert Brady

PA Department of Economic Development

Dominican Grocers Association

Norris Square Community Alliance

Maria del Pilar


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