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Sometimes unfortunate circumstances causes a child to be removed from his/her home and placed in Foster Care. Concilio recruits foster parents with warm hearts and loving homes to provide temporary care to foster children. A select team of dedicated foster care case managers strive to reunite them with their natural families or facilitate adoption.

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What is foster care?
When an allegation of abuse and/or neglect is made, the State completes an investigation. If the child is found to be unsafe with their birth family, the State assumes custody of the child who is placed into foster care. Foster families provide temporary care for the child as the birth family works towards reunification. Children can also be placed with relatives under Kinship care.
How long will a child remain in my home?
The child’s length of stay in care depends on the specific circumstances of their case and parents. An effort to successfully and safely reunify the child with their birth family is explored first. Parents are legally given between 15-18 months to complete their service plans and reunify with their children. Should reunification be ruled out as a feasible permanency goal, other permanency options are explore. A child can remain in a foster home ranging in time from a few days to several months or years.
What types of children do foster parents care for?
Children in foster care range in age from birth to 18; in some circumstances until the age of 21. They may display mild, moderate to severe behavioral, therapeutic needs and developmental needs. Foster parents can specify their preferences in regards to age, race, and gender of the child they wish to care for. Concilio does its best to match children with families that will best meet their needs.
What are the basic requirements to become a certified foster parent?
You must be at least 21 years of age, physically fit to care for a child, financially dependent, meet background check qualifications, and pass a home inspection. A training curriculum of 24 hours must be completed prior to certification; 12 hours of training hours are required throughout the year to maintain certification. A home study is also part of the certification process. Concilio does not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, religion, race, or sexual preference. Your family history, current situation, child rearing abilities, and discipline techniques will all be explored.
Do I receive financial support?
Resource parents will receive a subsidy from the State to assist with the care of the child placed in their home and their needs. Children also receive medical and dental coverage through the State.