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conferenceThis summer, Concilio announced plans to relocate its headquarters from Franklin Street to Hunting Park to better address the needs of Philadelphia’s growing Latino population.

The relocation of Concilio’s headquarters to the Hunting Park community will put the organization in the heart of Philadelphia’s growing Latino community.

In addition to being closer to the primary population it serves, the new 30,000 square foot location offers Concilio and its clients expanded space and parking.

This also makes for a more conducive layout to conduct social service work, such as our foster care reunifications.

The facility will offer banquet space as well.

Construction is moving along swiftly, and we are truly proud and excited to be closer to the communities that we serve!

joannainmeetingConcilio Executive Director Joanna Otero-Cruz (Above) has been meeting regularly with builders.
We will be posting photos as the building progresses! Check back for more updates and photos.BeamsHallwayroomcolorpatternOct. 10, 2014:
Things are getting colorful! Areas of the facility are in the process of being painted, and other color schemes are being chosen.(Photos above)
carpetTilescolorwall01colorwallwithglassbeams2Oct. 15, 2014:
We’ve picked the carpet, and it’s being installed. Some walls are already full of color – and some still need to go up, like those surrounding what will be our kitchen.(Photos above)
Oct. 31, 2014:
Bright colors are going up all over our new office!(Photos above)
Nov. 6, 2014:
Things are really coming along in some parts of the building, look at our colorful hallway!
Windows are also being cut – but some rooms still need work!
Concilio leadership is regularly checking in on the building’s progress!
(Photos above)
Nov. 26, 2014:
The computer lab counters are looking great, and the classrooms are almost finished!  Cabinets are also being installed.
(Photos above)
Dec, 2 2014:
Cabinets are going up, furniture is being delivered to one of our conference room, and one of our computer labs is finished!
(Photos above)
Joanna  grand opening
Joanna at new building
Joanna Otero-Cruz….Finally here!!
(Photos above)