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Foster/resource parent, Hilda Lluberes, told us a bit about her experience fostering kids.

Can you tell us a little about why you wanted to help children by fostering?

I love children and fostering is a great way to provide support for children in need. I also want to adopt one day. I currently have three children in my home and I love having them in my life.

Was there anything that you did to ensure that the child felt like part of your family?

I provide safety (safe home, basic needs, clothes food etc), work to build their confidence, give love and support. I also work to understand where the children have come from and what they have experienced.

How is the experience rewarding? Can you give me an example of one of your most rewarding moments as a foster parent?

Fostering has helped me learn a lot and helped me to become a better human being.

Why would you encourage others to sign up to become foster parents?

I would recommend parents to get involved in the process of fostering because it is truly is a beautiful blessing to help children who are in the child welfare system. They need lots of love, support and guidance and it’s such a great opportunity to provide that to them in you have it to share!