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Change is Needed! Tired of the hate, tired of the injustice, tired of saying something and not being heard, Black Lives Matter!

Common quotes we have heard over the last few weeks in the wake of another African American man viciously taken away from this world by police brutality. People rise when they cannot take it anymore; that is where Philadelphia is; that is where the entire nation is at this point. Things need to change!

While we live in a nation that provides great opportunities and many people, minorities included have been able to achieve the so-called “American Dream”, there are far too many instances where we are reminded people have hate embedded in their mind and push agendas that hurt us all from uniting as one true country, as one true people.

Since 1962, Concilio has combatted discrimination and lack of inclusion creating a place where all people Latinos and non-Latinos can come for resources and support. We cannot stand in silence as racial inequalities continue to plague systems that were built to protect but often times serve the opposite purpose. It is our duty to practice our 1st amendment rights, to voice our concerns when something is wrong, to stand in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters who’s very livelihood is threatened simply by the color of their skin.

Make your voices heard so that change can take place but be mindful of the destruction that is occurring in our own communities. Do not tear down businesses in our neighborhoods; some will not be able to recover and leave an empty void that will not be replaced. Let’s take care of each other, our neighborhood, and focus our energy on making systems change.

Love, respect, and honor those who have been taken away by hate.


Adonis Banegas

Executive Director

Family | Health | Culture