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Puerto Rican Day Parade 2019

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A celebration of Latino culture in the heart of the city’s streets. Traditional Latino music, poetry, and dance make this vibrant festival a must-see event. Held on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Puerto Rican Parade typically has around 1,500 marchers; more than 5,000 attendees; and 96,000 tune-in to watch live on 6ABC.    

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Joanna Otero-Cruz

2019 Grand Marshall for the Puerto Rican Parade

Joanna Otero-Cruz serves as Deputy Managing Director for the Community Services cabinet.  Within this post, Mrs. Otero-Cruz leads and oversees’ operations for Philly 311, Office of Immigrant Affairs, Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP), Mural Arts, Animal Care & Control Team (ACCT Philly), Census Philly Counts, Special Projects, and the Municipal ID program.

Over the past three years, Mrs. Otero-Cruz has led some key initiatives including leading community engagement to dismantle major homelessness encampments, supported numerous policy efforts for our immigrant communities including citizenship initiatives, deportation defense, language access, immigrant workers rights, workforce development, cultural programs and community outreach. Mrs. Otero-Cruz led the planning, development, and implementation of the city’s Municipal ID “PHL ID” program in the spring of 2019. Focused on strengthening Community Services’ infrastructure and improving the customer experience. She is committed to facilitating and connecting residents with access and opportunity to services within the city to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Prior to coming to the City she served in key leadership roles for organizations that serve and meet the needs of Philadelphia’s most vulnerable.

Most recently, Mrs. Otero-Cruz led Pennsylvania’s oldest Latino non-profit organization, Concilio, since 2010, serving as community leader and voice for the needs of women, children, and families across the state. As the Executive Director of Concilio, she oversaw the organization’s foster care services, youth development programming, and children’s health work. She also led the organization and Latino community’s historic events – the Hispanic Fiesta and the Puerto Rican Week Festival culminating with the Latino Parade on Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Parkway.

In 2014, she led the relocation of Concilio from its home of nearly 45 years to a brand-new 30,000 square-foot facility in the Hunting Park neighborhood.  She is credited with bringing Concilio into a position of strong financial health, as well as building on the capacity and goodwill of the organization among the civic and public leaders of the city and state, and the community members that utilize its services.

Mrs. Otero-Cruz is an active and respected voice for equity and access at the city and state level.

She currently serves as Pennsylvania Commissioner for the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Women’s Way, and Visitation Church. She has also served on the CEIBA Coalition where she held various officer positions. Her leadership in the area of victim’s services earned Concilio the new appointment of East Division Victims Services’ provider by the City of Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Mrs. Otero-Cruz is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Community Impact Award from the Hispanic Choice Awards, Philadelphia’s Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award, KYW Women’s Achievement Award, and Aetna Healthcare – Latina Leadership Award.

Mrs. Otero-Cruz holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Peirce College in Business Administration with a concentration in management. She is of Puerto Rican and Costa Rican decent, takes pride in being a wife and mother of two.

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Every year, Concilio picks a theme to bring to life during the cultural events series. Last year’s theme was “Renacer de Puerto Rico,” the “Rebirth of Puerto Rico” giving homage to the island and its people after Hurricane Irma and Maria. This year we would like to hear from you on what you think Concilio’s theme should be!

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Past Parade Themes

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2018 – 2009


The Rebirth of Puerto Rico


The Rhythm of Our Culture


The Power of Our Voice


Our Journey: PR to Philly


El Jibaro Puertorriqueño


El Yunque


La Mujer Puertorriqueña


Our Latino Legacy


Our Taino Heritage


Vejigante a la Boya

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Past PR Parades

2008  A Celebration of the Region's Latino Music Scene
2007  El Cuatro, Alma y Orgullo de la Música Puertorriqueña
2006  Come Share with Me the Music of El Coqui
2005  Latino Youth: Our Promise, Our Future, Our Responsibility
2004  Latino Unity: Pride in our Diversity and Common Heritage
2003  A Growing Community--Enriching the Nation's Culture
2002  Latinos in the DE Valley--A Kaleidoscope of Cultures
2001  City of Brotherly Love, Celebrating Culture and History in Philadelphia
2000  A Journey into our Heritage
1999  Keeping our Heritage in the New Millenium
1998  Knowing Our Past--Embracing Our Future
1997  Celebrating the Heritage of Our Latin American Culture
1996  Towards a Better Future
1995  Saving our Generations
1994  An Educated Community is a Healthy Community
1993  500 Years of Hispanic Culture
1992  1492 - 1992: Celebrating the Spirit of 500 years of Hispanic Culture
1991  Hispanics United in World Peace
1990  Education: A Bridge to Success
1989  Hispanic Health Professionals
1988  Silver Anniversary: 25 years of Service to the Hispanic Community
1987  A Celebration of Two Constitutions
1986  Hispanic Contributions to the City of Brotherly Love
1985  Hispanic Arts
1984  Hispanic Channel of Communication
1983  20 Year Anniversary
1982  Desarrollando Nuestra Juventud (Developing our Youth)
1981   La Herencia Puertorriqueña
1980  Hispanics in the 80s
1979   International Year of the Child
1978   Al Trabajador
1977   La Borinqueña-nuestro himno oficial
1976   Historia y Cultura de Puerto Rico
1975   Maestro Puertorriqueño
1974   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia (missing information)
1973   Económico de la Comunidad Puertorriqueña
1972   The Veteran (10th Anniversary)
1971   El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
1970   Los Santeros de Puerto Rico
1969   Pava de Puerto Rico
1968   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia
1967   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia
1966   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia
1965   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia
1964   Desfile Puertorriqueña Filadelfia

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