CUA3 & Concilio Meeting

On Thursday, January 25th, members from Concilio’s Marketing Team and the Prevention Team from Community Umbrella Agency Three, Supported by Concilio, came together to discuss how to further serve the community in a joint effort.

An area of collaboration is to come together when attending Outreach Events within the community. As our goal is to inform as many community members as possible about the services we have to offer, it is important that our two teams work together.  

It was further determined that there is no better way to make the community aware of the work and services provided than advocating for the services together. The idea is that when community members see Concilio and CUA3 Supported by Concilio, they will know what services we provide.  

The teams continued discussions on how to unify the two brands when advertising services and programs. This will allow community members to recognize that Concilio and CUA3 Supported by Concilio as one brand and agency enabling them to receive the greatest number of services possible. 

The collaboration of Concilio and CUA3 Supported by Concilio is imperative as the community will develop a better understanding of the services that are provided. As our programs intend to improve the lives of those we serve, coming together at outreach events will further this intention. Furthermore, identical branding will allow the community the ability to truly understand who we are and the services that we provide.  

Concilio is a 501(C)(3) organization in North Philadelphia. Since 1962, Concilio has been serving the community through case management, community-based services, and family social services. In addition, Concilio’s Cultural Events Series celebrates this Hispanic culture and heritage. 

Community Umbrella Agency Three Supported by Concilio (CUA3) is part of a citywide initiative known as Improving Outcomes for Children, led by the Philadelphia Department of Human Services. IOC focuses on permanency, well-being, and the safety of children and families.