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A purpose that encourages us:
Serving the community we live in

We value passion

We encourage your ideas and creativity to best serve the community

A supportive community

You will have support from a community of professionals who will support you in any challenge

We grow together

We strive to grow individually and as a team to make a difference in the community

Do you want to create change within the community?
Join the Concilio Team

Health Plans

We offer industry-leading Health Plans.

Financial Readiness

We offer competitive 401(k) plans to prepare you for the future.

Emotional Wellbeing

We promote a healthy and happy work-life balance to allow you to achieve all of your dreams.

Physical Wellbeing

We ensure to create the time to help lead a healthy life and create healthy habits.

Work Wellbeing

We want our team to be constantly learning and develop a positive work environment.

Health Plans
Financial Products
Work-Life Balance
We offer various Health Plans to help you in any emergency.
We want you to make your plans a reality allowing you to be prepared for the future:

Competitive 401(k) Plans
Tuition Reimbursement
Toll Reimbursement

Designed to provide you flexibility, we encourage a strong work-life balance allowing you to always be at your best. This includes:

Flex Time
Paid Holidays

We are Concilio, creating self-growth and community growth!

Concilio, the oldest Latino nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, provides services throughout Philadelphia and surrounding counties. With over 150 employees, we look for local changemakers to create a real difference in the community.

By working at Concilio, you will feel the pride of changing the lives of the community that we live in while carving your path to success.