Victim Witness Services

We provide support for victims of crime in Philadelphia’s East Division.

Services include advocacy support for victims of crime in Philadelphia’s East Division, representing the 24th, 25th and 26th police districts. Concilio’s Bilingual (Spanish/English) Victim Witness Advocates work in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office by providing services to victims and witnesses in the Preliminary Hearing rooms in the Criminal Justice Center for East Division crime victim cases.  Services are also offered on-site at Concilio’s main headquarters at 141 E. Hunting Park Avenue and include, but are not limited to: informing victims and witnesses about the criminal justice process, reporting any victim-witness intimidation and/or retaliation, and providing supporting victims with support needs throughout the process. Victim advocates will also work to provide information on victim legal rights and protections.

Integral to the Victim Advocates work at Concilio is listening to the victim, witness or family-in-need, in a sensitive, trauma-informed and confidential way.

Through services provided, victims receive information about the different options available to them as well as support from committed staff who are sensitive, trauma-informed and committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of confidentiality in their communications with victims. The Victim Witness Services Program is open for referrals and walk-ins  are welcome.

Our services include: 
Emergency Relocation Services 
Emergency Funds
Support Groups 
Victim Awareness Education

Concilio collaborates with Philadelphia’s East Division Police departments and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office to share resources and knowledge and serve in the best way possible. Victim advocates work with both partners doing community outreach and presentations to educate community members on our services and to listen and learn what issues are affecting the community most

Please contact Shaquis Davenport at
shaquis.davenport@elconcilio.net or 215-627-3100

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