Post Permanency Services

Concilio offers advocacy, support groups, and respite services free to any adoptive family.

The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) offers Post-Permanency Services (often referred to as post-adoption services) to Pennsylvania families to ensure that families are given the support they need to encourage a long term positive environment for both adoption and foster care programs in Pennsylvania.

Post-Permanency Services are offered to all families who have adopted, whether or not they adopted a child from the child welfare system; and to kinship and permanent legal custodianship families who provide permanency to a foster child.

Three Post-Permanency Services are offered:
  • Case Advocacy service ensures that families receive access to services designed to meet their needs after they have made a permanent commitment to a child. The Case Advocacy unit of service may be as intensive as necessary in order to keep the family intact and prevent disruption of the adoption. With an emphasis on collaboration, the SWAN affiliate agency advocates on behalf of the family to ensure ongoing permanency in families. The agency will help the family to identify strengths and needs, establish a family support plan, coordinate services to meet family’s needs, and facilitate collaboration between various service programs.
  • Support Group service helps build relationship, form a community of mentoring, provide education, and offers socialization and recreational activities for families and/or their children. Support groups provide families with the opportunity to share with others the difficulties and successes of adoption or providing permanency to a child. Information on a variety of support groups is offered for both the adoptive parents and the adopted children. This service is designed to ensure that families are supported by providing relevant information to families and utilizing professional and paraprofessionals for group leadership and childcare.
  • Respite service provides families with planned breaks to support a consistent level of parenting. Respite may provide a time for the family to get some needed time alone and then return to caring for their child rejuvenated and revived. Respite may be either inside or outside the family home. This service is designed to ensure that eligible families are supported by developing resources to alleviate the pressures of parenting children with special needs. The service focuses on utilizing competent resources to provide a continuum of care while offering flexibility to ensure the needs of parents and children are met.

Families self-refer for SWAN Post-Permanency Services by calling the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-7926 as this is a voluntary service that the family must request.  Upon your call, the Helpline personnel ask questions, gather information from the family and then explain the process for a family to receive the services. The family is provided with the contact information of affiliates who offer the services they select. When an affiliate is chosen by the family, the referral is made and the assessment process begins.

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