Lamar Williams

Community-Based Services Director

Lamar Williams is a dedicated educator and has spent over 10 years in the field of education, helping students develop their reading and writing skills while also fostering their personal growth and development. One of his great joys was being a Literacy Cadre Coach helping create strategies for teachers who supported early readers.

After receiving his Master’s in Education Lamar has served in operative and administrative roles, overseeing budgets and ensuring that programs are running smoothly and efficiently. He is known for his ability to effectively manage resources to achieve desired outcomes.

Beyond his work in education, Lamar is also an ordained and licensed pastor of a local church. He is committed to serving his congregation and helping them grow in their faith, while also adding value to the community through transformative engagements.

 Throughout his career, Lamar has been recognized for his leadership and dedication to his students and community. He is dedicated to making a significant impact to young people and is an inspiration to those who work with him.