59th Annual Puerto Rican Parade Theme Poster Competition

The winner will get a $250 Cash Price

The selected theme, “Unidos en la Tierra de Borinquen”, was selected from many entries we had. It was not an easy choice; however, the story behind the selection is listed below and will give you the idea and why we selected it.

Submitted by: Trulee, a student at Little Flower and is a Theater kid. She enjoys literature whether it be writing or reading. She’s a big sister to her younger sibling and aspires to major in Law in her future.

Concilio Puerto Rican Day Parade
“Unidos en la Tierra de Borinquen”

As earthquakes constantly shake the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, the inhabitants of the island stay strong.The power of unity in a small territorial island in the Caribbean is almost astonishing to believe. During the past three years, Puerto Rico has stood strong in unity and wholeness.

My theme “Unidos en la Tierra de Borinquen” is imp0tant because it demonstrates the unapologetic personality, passion, and strength that the Puerto Rican people obtain.

Through all of the many catastrophes Puerto Rico has endured, the people have managed to illustrate bravery, compose compassion, and continue to push through it by faith and hope.

Another example of “Unidos en la Tierra de Borinquen” would be the gatl1ering of protesters that filled the streets of Old San Juan shaking the nation during the resignation of former governor Ricardo Rossell.

This displays the dedication, devotion, and passion that these spirited people feel about the island. This was truly a heartfelt time in Puerto Rican history.

Unity is a single word to describe “Unidos de la Tierra de Borinquen.”

Lastly, I encourage you to watch Isla Bendita- Unidos par Puet0 Rico on Youtube for a better understanding of why I chose “Unidos de la Tierra de Borinquen” as my theme for the 2020 Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Deadline Friday June 25th

Emily Gonzalez Cardona